Why and how to join us ?

LIFT étudiants fights so that the lack of funding is not a obstacle to the success of young students. An educated and trained youth for a better world. You can join our association by becoming:

Active member

Any natural person capable of paying an annual fee of at least 100 € and who acts voluntarily in the operation of the association.

Volunteer member

Any natural person who regularly sends donations to the association and whose contribution amount is higher than that of active members; 210€ minimum.

Committed member

Any natural or legal person who regularly makes donations to the association without obligation of membership fees.


Students or young graduates likely to benefit from the services of the association.


You want to participate in a concrete action in favor of students, support our projects, you want to strengthen the identity of your company by associating yourself with the values of Lift étudiants? Become a partner


All natural persons interested in the purpose of the association having a good morality and who act, voluntarily in the functioning of the association. The candidate wishing to become a member must complete and sign a membership form (online) while taking noticed of the statutes of the association.

The association

We are a non-profit association created under the law of 1901 and which works in the sector of education and professional integration.



43, rue Frédéric Faÿs Villeurbanne - 69100, France