Professional integration of graduates

Graduate, what to do next ?

Many young people are currently experiencing difficulties in integrating into the world of work, this article provides the necessary advice to prepare them perfectly.

At the graduate stage, everyone prepares in their own way! Some people here already have a little idea because they plan everything in advance and know exactly what they want to do once they graduate. Some students will have already gained experience through work-study or a long-term internship for example. What we recommend to all students to do because indeed, graduate who does not understand the realities of the field and has never put into practice his theoretical knowledge will be less attractive to recruiters than a student who already has at least one professional experience during his studies. For those who have not had the opportunity to acquire professional experience during the studies it is quite normal to have apprehensions because it will be the very first step, the discovery of new codes, those of the company.
So how to succeed in your professional integration and get your first job?

For those who aspire to work for a company

Define a professional project

The professional project is the strategy you wanted to put in place to achieve your professional goals, that is, the work you want to do and the skills you want to acquire. It allows you to consider an action plan and concretely detect the resources needed to achieve your goals.

This includes assessing your background, expertise, talents, skills, and assets. It’s the way to better understand each other, gain confidence and have a medium- and long-term vision of what you’ll love to do. While being consistent and realistic about the job market and with yourself. Look around you, the environment in which you want to evolve, consider the possibilities, the constraints, the changes you must make in yourself, the means you must achieve your goals.

Develop a professional network

To find a job or develop your career, having a good professional network is an asset. Through your network, you can better define your job search goals by adding appointments and interviews.

If one of your acquaintances is not able to respond to your request, they can introduce you to others they know. Word of mouth, networking, odd jobs, all these levers, can be very effective to find a job. Your professional network can be composed of your family, your entourage, your friends, the alumni network of your establishment, your LinkedIn contacts, job search sites (Indeed, Monster…), temporary employment agencies, etc.

Sell yourself!

You need to organize your job search now. Take your application seriously, spontaneous, or not. Process your CV and cover letter, locate the positions that interest you, prepare your interview, …

For proactive applications, start by clearly defining the company you are interested in based on the geographical location, the field of activity and your professional project to avoid scattering and wasting time. For other applications, for example, you can tailor your CV according to each company’s job offer.
Get a solid understanding of the business, analyze detailed job descriptions, and showcase your skills.

For those who want to undertake

In this second part of the article, we will not go into details because if we must develop on entrepreneurship, we could spend the day there. And as they say: “too much information kills information”. On the other hand, if you want to know more you can follow us on the networks where we share the most information and tips on business creation and other topics. You can also participate in our exchanges during Instagram live.

Nevertheless, here is a non-exhaustive list of things to do before embarking on the creation of your business:

  • Find the problem you want to solve
  • Gather as much information as possible about the sector and study the market
  • Know your areas of expertise
  • Find out about the administrative procedures for the creation of your business
  • Find the capital and/or tools that will get you started


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